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Psycho lover korean drama

By | 20.07.2020

In other words, the foundations of any healthy, long-lasting relationship. Gaksital HeadsNo2: There are differences, and then there are ideological differences, which can inspire whole new levels of antagonism—which is why your mother always warned you to never talk politics at the dinner table.

psycho lover korean drama

That is, of course, until he ended up donning the infamous bridal mask himself, effectively becoming the figurehead of the independence movement overnight.

When wearing the mask, he was the hero who represented everything the heroine was fighting for. You can think of it as being kind of like Supermanonly better. Yeah, I said it. The King 2 Hearts LollyPip: A hoped-for political alliance was the driving force behind pairing a spoiled South Korean prince with a badass North Korean soldier who had no use for his bratty antics. It was hate at first sight and some reluctant attractionand coercing them into courtship was no way to ease the already high tensions between their countries.

While threats from within and without the country made it difficult for him to trust anyone, she became his friend and greatest ally, making it possible for him to rise to the challenge of leading a nation as its king. Despite the difficult road, both politically and personally, in the end their love became so strong that it could prevent wars. Athena: Goddess of War You know the one: Boy meets girl, girl turns out to be badass double agent killing machine, boy loves girl despite her allegiance to enemy terrorist organization, girl is torn between anarchy and love.

Ah, romance. Of all the enemies-to-lovers dramas on this list, Athena probably had the most clear-cut enemy pairing, between a South Korean agent and the double agent who was sent to infiltrate his organization and kill him.

Her loyalty remained in question until the very end, lacing every romantic development with an undercurrent of danger and suspicion. All About My Romance Romance was the last thing the fiery leader of the tiny progressive party wanted as she idealistically put her constituency first. The news headlines may have trumpeted the antagonistic rivalry between these two leaders, but behind closed doors it was classic rom-com, replete with accidental smooches and grand romantic gestures.

Despite their best efforts to keep their burgeoning relationship on the down-low, it became a test to see which was stronger: love for each other, or loyalty to their party. Navigating both love and politics is no easy journey, but for these legislative enemies, it was the beginning of a beautiful bipartisanship. Boys Before Flowers Luckily for him, he eventually figured it out. There were definite hot mess moments in Boys Before Flowersbut somehow the drama tapped into our guilty pleasure vein with its deliciously makjang episodes makeover delivered via kidnapping!

Obsessed admirers running interference! Secret Saya: Secret was, dare I say, gloriously dysfunctional—it transcended everything wrong with it to become terribly, terribly right. Or at least, terribly addictive. Yet through her steadfast goodness, he came to realize her innocence and true nature, and somehow transformed our livid hate for him into burning loyalty. Their relationship had an immediacy that sucked you into the moment, with character growth and payoff to mitigate the heavy dose of heartache.Here's my second part for the '5 Underappreciated Korean Dramas' article!

I have mentioned 4 more K-dramas in this article which I feel need more love! New year, many new dramas to watch. Here's a list of a few Korean dramas airing in the first quarter of ! I'd love to see a political romantic palace historical drama from various countries often stick to Japan with gorgeous settings.

The Hallyu ban is finally lifted! Take a quick look at 8 C-Dramas that we can look forward to now. MDL v5. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online. TV Shows. Top Actors Add New Person. Lists Forums Contributors. Joo Jin Mo. Popular Lists Related lists from users Create a list. Favorite Actors people 77 loves 2. Favorite Actors 92 people 12 loves. Favorite Actors 45 people 8 loves. Best Action Films. Most Popular Time Travel Dramas.

Best School Titles. Most Popular Vampire. Most Popular Bromances. Top Romance Films. Contract Relationships. Word Association 3 3 minutes ago. A Word Game 5 minutes ago. Preference game 49 minutes ago. Part 3 52 minutes ago.Watch ' Just Between Lovers ' with our fast and smooth mobile player, optimized for your phone and tablet.

A building collapse ties the fates of three young people years later. Ten years ago, the S Mall collapsed due to shoddy construction, killing 48 people inside. Lee Kang Doo Junho was there waiting for his father, who was an electrician doing work on the building. Years later, Joo Won is an architect who is working on a new project to replace the former S Mall. With her keen eye for detail and sturdy building construction, Moon Soo ends up working for Joo Won on the project.

Kang Doo works odd jobs to get by and ends up working at the new construction site. How will they each deal with their respective pains as they are reminded of the event that changed all of their lives so profoundly? Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region. Click here to learn more. Meet the community members dedicated to bringing you the subtitles for this channel.

psycho lover korean drama

Please encourage them by leaving a comment below! TV Just Between Lovers. Channel Manager. Manage Followers. About A building collapse ties the fates of three young people years later.

Episodes Restricted Access Sorry, this content is not licensed for your region.

Movies With Love Obsessions, Possessive Friends, & Stalkers

Junho Main Cast. Won Jin Ah Main Cast. Lee Ki Woo Main Cast. Kang Han Na Main Cast. See all. Cast - Just Between Lovers. Kim Min Kyu Supporting Cast. Park Myung Shin Supporting Cast.

Park Hee Bon Supporting Cast. Yoon Se Ah Supporting Cast. Kim Kang Hyun Supporting Cast. Na Moon Hee Supporting Cast. Tae In Ho Supporting Cast.In Dramas, we saw the Psychopath person try to harm someone and started kill people without any reasons But when we know that person real story, then we started sympathize that person Actually, Psychopath can appears normal, even charming.

We even don't know how it starts, some people lacks conscious and empathy and started manipulated themselves and became volatile and sometimes criminals :fearful:. But I like these guys acting as a Psychopathic Roles.

They really did a great job in their roles. Sometimes, it look like they really are Psychopath and I really hate them in their negative roles Seriously :angry:. Role : Ryu Tae Oh, an inmate of prison psychiatric hospital, who becomes a Batista after his release. With a genius IQ ofhis excellent and detailed memory may prove valuable to cracking the case, but on the other side he is really dangerous Psychopath and considers "Gap Dong" his God and Hero If you want to see more drama series and his different roles of other dramas then here is link Lee Joon' Five Different and Killing Roles.

Role : Jung Sun Ho, a successful lawyer, who confided his darkest secrets. Due to some misunderstanding, he feel abandoned by his own brother after their father was murdered. Under the misconception, he goes to Psychopath and become a serial killer Role : Kwon Jae Hee, a famous chef and very popular cook, but somehow he becomes a Psychopathic serial killer Role : Nam Gyu Man, a twisted and rich antagonist and also responsible for the crimes and wrongly accused to the other person At the first, he is really nice and warm-hearted person.

But, because of Revenge and Love He secretly become a psychopathic murderer and try to frame his murder to his own lover and makes her life difficult And says that this is her "Punishment" for not loving him back Role : Min Joon Gook, a serial killer who try to kill both the main leads of this drama series Role : Yoon Tae Joo, a hypnotherapist. Due to Childhood darkest memories he become a Psychopathic and try to harm his childhood friend and others who try to shop him to getting Revenge Role : Young " Joon Young ", a role of psychopathic murderer who eventually escaped from prison You can share with me Honestly- best psychopath Korean movie was V.

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:no_entry_sign: Psychopathic Roles in K-Dramas :no_entry_sign:

Likes Comments Like Tayssir Belayedi. Hey Ho. Anyone knows the drama, where a guy kidnapped multiple girls to be his wifes?

Strong Girl Bong-soon. Featured post Mixed Moods Pt. Into K-Drama? Join the community. Get App. Emma hanx 1 day ago.Shi Xiao Nian is a third-rate cartoonist living an ordinary life. He utilizes every mean to force an answer and to pursue her, including low-EQ techniques. But as he faces her gentleness and courage, they fall in love Edit Translation. MDL v5. Feeds Articles Trailers Watch Online.

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The psycho vampire love story -- acted by sooraj psycho--#soorajpsycho

Lists Forums Contributors. Edit this Page Edit Information. Watch Trailer. Buy on Amazon. Add to List. Ratings: 6. Reviews: 15 users. Score: 6. Add Cast. Pan Zi Jian Gong Ou. Nicole Zhu Shi Xiao Nian.

Yvonne Yung Luo Qi. Ye Leif Mu Qian Chu. Jie Xuan Li Yao Bo. Chen Xiao Liang Butler Feng.This drama was fully pre-produced before airing which is a departure from the live-shoot production format that characterizes most Korean dramas.

The series will be simulcast in China, Japan and Hong Kong. The story set up in the early of Goryeo regime. Official Site. Watch Online in Viki. Watch Online in Dramafever. WoW, another pre — produced drama. Just with the actors the drama seems interesting to watch. I look forward now. I hope this film will attract the attention of all. This one going to be even greater…. I watched chinese vers. Thumbs up for their vers, but the love story is some kinda. Because the lead main is Lee JunKi and he will over lap all the other actors in this series.

I have watch the original. R u sure just 20 episode?

psycho lover korean drama

Because real scarlet chinese is 35 episode I dont think will maximal this drama. I know that there one the best actor and actress in south korea.

The story is quite interesting but. IU is quited talented, I love her songs. All the best to IU. IU is a good singer not a good actress. I wonder why people say IU is not a good actress…i have watched all her dramas so far and i wasnt disappointed…she can only improve and get better…the producers of SCARLET HEART must have seen her potentials and picked her for this drama…a great actor or actress is not born in a day but developed through hardwork and experience….

And for those of you that say IU Ugly, flat nose, small and so on…. Rr, have you ever created human being before? I think IU is pretty just the way she is and there is no need of others to judge her just because she is a well-known celebrity. In my opinion, IU is a good actress and she has a lovable adorable face.

I am happy she is the lead actress here, at least I can enjoy this drama — my watching list. Love the first 2 episodes already. Very exciting.Korea's "Comedy King," Lee Gyeonggyu, who's also known for his love for dogs and the country's most famous dog expert, Kang Hyungwook, team up to study how the humans and the pets live in peace and harmony. It is the second season of Idol Producer. Referred to as "Friendships," three guys tackles a big mission, take a photo of the lifetime in Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

They have to break away from the "assa outsiders " status and become the real "inssa insiders. Let's follow their exciting travel! A cohabitation of young men and women begin at Signal House where filled with rosy expectation of love and romance blooms. The most exhilarating love game begins now.

SKZ Talker is Stray Kids filming their time while they are on their second world tour in the different locations. A story between a golden-winged Feng Ruche and Xue Jingkong, the most distinguished magician in the great plains of Lanzhou. Many powerful forces are searching for the only daughter of Feng Tianyi and Yi Fuling in a plot to urusp power by holding her hostage.

The "Visit Sales Group" is a door to door sales reality content featuring the process of visiting and selling a wide range of products to customers. When Bon, the popular engineering student, starts a revenge plan on Duen, the innocent first year medical student, their feelings slowly start to grow through roses that Duen has to buy for Bon every day for a month.

psycho lover korean drama

The series bring out the different side of each couple and their journey with friends and relationships. Join us and see how their feelings slowly evolve between each other through the 4 couples. Being popular students at the same university leads Gun and Bar to collide with each other again and again until Gun succeeds in wooing Bar.

Or maybe Bar too has a confession to make? Real Love Story is a romance reality show that features romantic daily lives of three celebrity couples.

They will show everything that a romantic couple experiences: from the sweet PDAs to the frank discussions on love, relationship, and marriage. Panels, including Jang Sung-kyu and Jang Do-yeon, will watch the couples' dailies like viewers at home and share their feeling and opinions on the pair and romantic relationships.

Are you ready to swoon with joy to the sweetest and loveliest love stories? The show will chronicle the real love story of celebrity couples as they share their thoughts on love and marriage.

Unlike preexisting programs that match up single people or show the everyday lives of couples after marriage, this show will feature real-life celebrity couples who are currently dating, including an idol in their first public relationship and an actor in a relationship with a non-celebrity.

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